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wedding info guide

Below is all the extra info you would need to help you prepare for a seamless wedding day experience. Following the timeline as closely as possible will help and having good communication throughout the day is a must. Please contact me with any questions!


Let's get started!

I'm so happy that you found your forever person! I'm honored you chose me to be the one who is lucky enough to capture your big day and preserve your memories for a lifetime! I'm so excited to meet you for your engagement session, be there for you while you finish planning, and while your fiance will be by your side on your wedding day, I'll be right behind you!

Engagement Session

Your engagement session is a great way for us to meet before your big day and for you two to get more comfortable in front of the camera so it will be second nature on your wedding day. Plus, who doesn't love a new profile pic or great shots for your save the dates! As soon as you're ready, let's make it happen!


Checking In

One month before your wedding, I'll make sure to check back in and lock in all the details. We will finalize a day-of timeline together to make sure that I can be there from you getting ready all the way to the big send off at the end of the night!

Getting Ready

My arrival will be timed to be about an hour before the girls are done with hair and makeup. I will start with taking photos of all the little details like the rings, accessories, and the dress while the girls get finished up. Then, I'll capture the finishing touches before running off and photographing the guys for a bit too. We'll end with mom or maid of honor helping the bride into the dress. If requested, we would then more on to capturing the first look.



During the ceremony, I rotate around throughout the ceremony with two cameras to get as many angles as possible. Immediately after the ceremony we will do the family photos while we have them all gathered then we can get the bridal party and newlywed photos done quickly as well so you can get to your party.

Party Time

After we all get a little break during dinner, I'll capture everything from toasts, cake cutting, the dances, the tosses, and you and your guests enjoying the night. We will end the night with your choice of send off which I can help with so it goes smoothly.


The End

I do try to sneak the newlyweds away just before sunset for a few final quiet moments. I also usually schedule the send off a little early so you still have plenty of guests to participate. After the send off, we will head back in and dance a little longer, check in with you guys before I leave to make sure there isn't anything else needed, and I'll head out, leaving a small photo memento of the day behind for you.

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