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Newborn session prep

Below are some helpful tips to keep in mind and to help you prepare for a successful newborn session. Following these tips as closely as possible will help start your session on the right foot and should result in a smoother session with better results. Please contact me with any questions!


Sleepy Is Best

Interact with baby an hour or two before the session. While we don't want to force baby to stay awake, the sleepier baby is during the session, the better. We should start by changing, feeding, and burping baby for best results.

What To Wear

Baby should wear loose-fitting pajamas that button or zip down. Moving baby around too much to undress and dress could wake baby up.


Taking Our Time

The session should be 2-3 hours depending on how settled baby is. Don't worry if baby needs to feed or a diaper change, that's okay! Don't forget to bring snacks or drinks for yourself since the session will take a while.

Warming Up

The studio will be around 75 degrees during your session. This temperature will keep baby sleepy and settled. I suggest parents dress in layers in case you get too warm.


Picture Perfect

In my normal editing workflow, I will edit baby's skin to be nice and smooth. I will remove skin flakes, redness, and other distracting features that are not permanent like freckles and birthmarks. Don't worry if baby is having any skin issues the day of.

Sneak Peaks

After the session, I might post sneak peeks on my Facebook and Instagram, so look out for those! You are welcome to share my post to your friends so they can see your beautiful baby while you wait for your gallery to be delivered.

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